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Welcome to Tim Sportel Design Co. where creativity meets craftsmanship to bring your brand vision to life. Founded in 2010, our passion for graphic design fuels our mission to make the world a more beautiful place, one brand at a time.

At Tim Sportel Design Co., we thrive on transforming your ideas into a tangible, impactful brand. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final implementation, we guide you through every step of the journey. Specialized in brand design and signmaking, we blend artistic flair with hands-on expertise to create compelling brand identities that stand out in the market.

We thrive on transforming your ideas into a tangible, impactful brand

From concept to production

Our process

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve honed a distinctive style characterized by strong, recognizable brand marks. Our process is deeply personal and collaborative, ensuring that your brand reflects your unique identity and resonates with your audience.

Transparency and communication are at the core of our ethos. We believe in asking the right questions, listening intently, and keeping you involved every step of the way. By making your brand become visible, and making sure it stays visible we help you reach your goals and objectives.

What sets us apart is our versatility and attention to detail. As a one-person operation, I personally oversee every aspect of your project, from concept to production.

Additionally I work closely together with a carefully selected and trusted network of professionals where needed, to guarantee top-notch results, every time.

From concept to production

Our clients

Our client roster includes a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to global industry leaders. Regardless of size, we approach each project with the same level of dedication and commitment. Your success is our priority, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction.

We help you reach your goals and objectives

We have the capability to bring your brand to life

Our tools

We use industry-leading tools, coupled with our in-house production facility, we have the capability to bring your brand to life across various mediums. Whether it’s signage, print, merchandise, or digital assets, we’ve got you covered.

We have the capability to bring your brand to life

Join us

So whether you’re embarking on a new venture or looking to revitalize your existing brand, let Tim Sportel Design Co. be your partner in design excellence. Join us on this journey to elevate your brand to new heights.

We help you elevate your brand to new heights




We craft a distinctive and memorable emblem that encapsulates your brand’s essence, serving as the cornerstone of your visual identity.


We develop a comprehensive visual identity system that communicates your brand’s personality, values, and message consistently across all touchpoints.


From brochures to digital assets, we create visually captivating designs that engage your audience and elevate your brand’s presence.


Transform your designs into high-quality printed materials, including business cards, flyers, posters, and more, to leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Extend your brand’s reach with custom merchandise that showcases your logo and message, from apparel to promotional items.


Capture attention and drive engagement with eye-catching advertising campaigns tailored to your target audience and objectives.



Enhance your interior spaces with bespoke signage solutions that reflect your brand’s identity and guide visitors seamlessly through your environment.


Make a bold statement and increase visibility with striking outdoor signage that attracts attention and reinforces your brand presence.


Transform ordinary surfaces into great looking environments with premium interior cover foils that convey your personal or your brand’s aesthetic. E.g. Furniture, Kitchens, Doors, Staircases, event stands and many more.


Turn your vehicles into mobile billboards with custom car wraps that grab attention on the road and promote your brand wherever you go.


Medline International B.V.

Brand Design | Graphic design | Photography | Process optimalisation


Retail graphic design | Print | Digitalisation | Process optimalisation


Concepting | Design

CURB Creative Services

Brand identity | Print | Merchandise

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Brand Design | Visual identity


Brand Design | Visual identity | Outdoor Signing | Photography

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Brand Design | Visual identity | Print | Web

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Graphic design | Print | Outdoor Signing | Merchandise | Car Wrap | Web

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Graphic Design | Print | Web


Hello, I’m Tim Sportel, the creative force behind Tim Sportel Design Co.

For me, graphic design isn’t just a profession—it’s a lifelong passion that I’ve been nurturing since 2007. What drives me each day is the opportunity to bring imagination to life, to craft brands that not only speak but resonate with audiences on a profound level.

My journey in the world of graphic design has been one of continuous evolution and discovery. By staying true to my passion and dedication, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s biggest brands and achieve milestones I once only dreamed of.

Over the years, I’ve explored various avenues within the field, but in brand design and signmaking I’ve found my true calling. There’s something incredibly rewarding about taking a client’s vision from a mere sketch to a fully realized brand identity, complete with signage, merchandise, and everything in between.

Outside of the design studio, you’ll often find me indulging in my other passions—hiking, cycling, immersing myself in reading, music and sports. But above all, spending time with my own family. Where ever I am or where ever I go, I’m always up for a new exciting journey.

So if you’re ready to take your brand to new heights, let’s embark on a journey together. Let’s create something extraordinary together and make sure your brand becomes visible and stays visible.



Paardebloem 87
6922 GE, Duiven
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 432 840 76