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Barteling Buizen B.V.

Barteling Buizen BV, located in Groningen, the Netherlands, has been a specialist and supplier of steel pipes for more than 70 years.

Tim Sportel Design Co. has created a new and modern website for Barteling Buizen BV. In addition, Tim Sportel Design Co. has extended their visual identity, worked on several printed matters, outdoor signing, merchandise and car wrap.

“Some time ago we hired Tim for some advertisement and to work on our new website. His expertise, knowledge and experience are Tim’s strong point. He can get to the essence of the company in a short time and convert our wishes into beautiful end products.

With a new website, a striking company car, merchandise, staffclothing, new outdoor signing and a wide range of printed matters he has put some new life into our brand. A modern style that fits today’s times.

He took care of everything down to the last detail. This is what we wanted.

Tim is open and straightforward guy, a few words are enough and with his creative mind he creates beautiful end products. Give him a free hand and you will become a satisfied customer. We experienced the aftercare and guidance during the process as very pleasant. In short, he puts the customer first in everything he does with a no-nonsense approach. He wants the best for the customer and we have achieved that with him. A collaboration for several years.”

Bart S.

CEO, Barteling Buizen B.V.

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Paardebloem 87
6922 GE, Duiven
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 432 840 76