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Curb Creative Services

Curb offers various services in the field of video production, photography and visual merchandising, mainly for start-ups, small companies and athletes.

Curb challenges itself to portray the story behind its clients in the right way.

Tim Sportel Design Co. created the brand identity for Curb that refers to the 90’s retro style, street art and action sports. The logo can now be found in various communication tools and merchandise that Tim Sportel Design Co. has designed and produced.

Never settle, always inspire

After a relaxed meeting and going through my briefing online, I was very curious about the designs from Tim Sportel Design Co.

I am very critical and a logo or product is not easily to my liking. To my surprise, I received various designs in no time that I could use for different media. Everything custom made and immediately usable. I have already received compliments from several of my customers about the business cards and I also regularly see the stickers and caps.

Tim does everything he can to provide perfect service with high quality! In addition, I experienced the communication with Tim as very pleasant. Questions and additional requests were quickly answered or realized. Ideal when you need to switch quickly. Tim Sportel Design Co. really created the right look and feel for my company.

Mathieu van den Oever

CEO, Curb Creative Services

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Paardebloem 87
6922 GE, Duiven
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 432 840 76